Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pet Portrait Artist Ben Lenovitz Has Your Holiday Gift All Wrapped Up!

Must love dogs!  And, cats, birds, rabbits, and whatever other animal you love.  Meet New York City pet portrait artist Ben Lenovitz who you can find weekly painting as artist in resident at Fishs Eddy (located at 889 Broadway & 22nd in the Flatiron District), or a pet loving venue around the city, or country.  Should you be in the U.K. during the first week of December 2019, you can catch him at currently at Liberty, an iconic clothing establishment famous for its prints.
If you reside in NYC you may be familiar with these adorable custom portraits on the generally, light blue backgrounds.    Ben sits in the window or inside the artsy, home goods retail establishment and paints these with the pet present or from a cell phone photo.  The price is beyond affordable at generally under $90 and he's fast!  If no line, expect to take your portrait home within an hour.

Ben is also the founder of "Art on the Block," which are unique, artisanal wooden blocks with hundred of iconic faces, places, items and of course, pets (see below.) . Grab your favorite images for a unique affordable piece of art, which makes a great gift and can also be ordered on line through Fish Eddy.
Have a look and get your holiday gift list ready for a special, unique gift your friends and family will cherish forever of their fur baby.

See the variety of hundreds of wood blocks in store or order on line along with....
 ....his exclusive dog and cat mugs and dish towels (recently ripped off byTarget!) . Make sure to buy the originals from Ben at Fishs Eddy - no impostures!
My Brody!
More is more...also, a must see Ben's fine art, contemporary large garden works of acrylic and oil.

For more info and to book a portrait appointment your appointment visit:
@benlenovitz on Instagram and buy exclusively from:

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Rare Sighting: Fashion Illustration Surprises In Miami with London's FIG!

Last week the Fashion Illustration Gallery located in the U.K. brought a variety of sought after illustrative artists to the Bal Harbour Shops on Miami Beach.  Nine top artists who's work has been featured in many prominent fashion magazines and at fashion week events across the globe were represented at the outdoor, three day only, mini event such as Jacky Blue, Blair Breitenstein, Rosie McGuinness, Andrea Fercilia, all below.
The event was based around an Italian theme which I had trouble sorting out as the everything seemed very average, nothing Italian anywhere to me (and I live for anything Italian in Miami.)  I believe the mainly high end stores were doing "special events" if you were on exclusive mailing lists, I was not.  When I heard of the Italian event, obviously I jumped at it, but the real highlight for me was the FIG attendance, which was more than enough as a contemporary artist and fashion illustrator.  Here are a few highlights I was able to snap photos of (in the lower evening light), and see the links below for more information.
Blair Breitenstein - @blairz

Rosie McGuinness - @rosiemcguinness

Jordi Labanda - @jordilabanda

Jacky Blue - @jackyblue__

Tanya Ling - @tanya_ling

Andrea Ferolla - @andrea_ferolla @chezdede
If you love fashion illustration as I do, visit: to learn about all of their prominent artists.