Wednesday, November 28, 2012

David LaChapelles' "Still Life" Exhibition At Paul Kasmin Gallery: Beyond Brilliant - A Must See!

This past Monday night was one of the best possible Monday's ever.  David Lachapelle's brilliant show opened at Paul Kasmin Gallery and I even was able to meet him at shoot a photo or two of him with one of his newest genius, signature pieces.  I have been a huge Lachapelle fan since I discovered his larger than life, brilliant fashion photography many years ago.  Then to meet him? Best. Monday. Ever.
"Still Life" is LaChapelles' latest body of work addressing  the fleeting nature of fame, celebrity, humanity and power.  On view at both Paul Kasmin Gallery locations here in New York, this arrangement of work began in 2009, when the artist learned of the break-in and vandalism of the National Wax Museum in Dublin, Ireland and was granted permission to photograph the destroyed figures.  He continued photographing figures at two additional wax museums out west to complete his vision of the collection. Additional subjects range from politicians to celebrities; Ronald Regan to Leo DiCaprio and as you'll see below "The Last Supper." 
David LaChapelle (in blue)
Limited edition on this below
The artist with one of his favorites.
A few images below from the location on 27th St.; the artists depiction of the "The Last Supper"
 And, the amazing print (below), that is sold at the Paul Kasmin Gallery store, on 27th also, for $200.  This was in the gallery and is at least 10'x30', of course the print is much smaller. It looks like this....
I believe this was also shot in 2009 and is a medley of destroyed "very" famous pieces of "very" popular art, you can see Koons, Sprouse, Hirst and so much more if you look close...
Back at the main gallery, this was at 5:30 p.m., before anyone arrived, luckily, so you can see the scope of these pieces.  By 6:01p.m. it was massively packed and the only thing I would have been photographing is the back of peoples heads. 

You need to see this incredible show in its entirety, both gallery's, (and the poster in the store), which runs through January 19, 2013 -  293 Tenth Ave (at 27th) & 515 W27th

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Art/Fashion Mix II For Today: More Fashion Cartoons - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade-Style!

I will give plenty of blog credit where due...found this today on "Because I'm Addicted" and loved it.  I JUST did a post on Fashion Cartoons, etc. and viola!  More!  I also believe I saw it on Design Sponge, it's no secret that bloggers tend to "share and repeat" the good stuff, so here you go....
Art/Fashion Mix: Literally!  Sketches by John Januzzi of what the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade would look like with fashion people as floats/ are my favorites.

Art/Fashion Mix: Anna Piaggi - Fashion Is Art, Is Fashion & Cartoons Of Fashions Icons

The art world has it's icons.  The fashion world has it's icons. As always I look for a mix between the two as I obsess over both.  Anna Piaggi was just such.  (Almost like McQueen, his clothing WAS art.)  Get where I'm going...?
When W Magazine started planning a tribute to fashion originals for its 40th anniversary issue, it obviously looked to the fashion original, the legendary fashion editor Anna Piaggi. The mag dispatched photographer Tim Walker to Milan to photograph Anna, just one month before she passed away at 81 years old.
The final results are a stunning reminder of Piaggi’s inimitable style. Walker photographed Anna in front of a white background in her own clothes, done up in her signature makeup and shocking blue hair. The spread is accompanied by a touching tribute to the fashion editor.

(Info and photos pulled from W Magazine)
Artwork by Jarno Kettunen of Anna, visit:

And...some other fashion cartoons I found and fell in love.  Artist Mrs. Tependris, the cartoon alter ego of Los Angeles-based artist Konstantin Kakanias. So, I believe the artists is in fact "Konstantin Kakanias."
How on spot are these?!  (I need to own a piece of this fashionable art.)  Anything that portrays the prickly world of fashion-divas like this, I'm all for. More humor, please.

Ok, one last blurb since we are talking about cartoons, or, I am....check out the new illustrations to celebrate Grace Coddington's new book: Grace: A Memoir
This is the amazing Grace I speak of next to Anna Wintour...

Holiday art gifts anyone...hint, hint.