Sunday, July 24, 2016

Legendary Pop Artist Going Strong at 84 In Two NYC Galleries

One of my favorite fine artists / pop art illustrators is still going strong at the young age of 84 showing in two back to back gallery shows uptown and in Chelsea.  His work can be viewed at Pace Prints uptown at and at Driscol Babcock Galleries at 525 West 25th Street in Chelsea.
Don Nice is a classic figure in American Art and has been a huge figure in the art scene for the past half century.  He burst on the scene when the Whitney Museum of American Art acquired his "American Series" in the early 1960's as was marked on of the new perceputalrealists."  His energy is derived from classic pop art combining a naturalist interest in everyday items with a twist.  Popular works are featured also at The Met (NYC), Arnhems Museum in Holladn, Art Gallery of Ontario in Canada, National museums of Art, and Yals University Art gallery has also acquired a large selection of his works.   He is also shown at prominent art fairs and in galleries around the world.  Nice is originally from Californai and currently resides in Hudson Vallery and New York City and if you are lucky enough, you can spot his on the early side at one of his shows, meeting a true art master for yourself.
To keep up with Don Nice you can follow his Instagram here at @don_nice and visit and for exhibit closing dates.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

See It! Unique Affordable Art Exhibit "Brown Don't Drown In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a superbly, beautiful, well crafted art exhibit I had been awaiting since first hearing about it many months ago. "Brown Don't Drown" curated by Sean Lugo, Savage Habbit and Net was held at 17 Frost Gallery with Ellis Gallagher where all original art pieces ranging in sizes 9x12 to 11x14 could be purchased for only $200.   

If you arrived early you could take home an original Gaia, Viajero, Icy & Sot, Joseph Perez, Nepo, Werc, Tatiana Suarez,  Mr. Prvrt, Toofly or choose from many more.  What I especially liked was no names were listed by each piece, if you liked a piece - you liked it.  Period.  And, maybe discover a new artist instead of gravitating to the bigger names in the galleries or from the murals on the streets. (Thus, why I left the names of art works below too.)
The main installation was a show stopper with a giant wood cut-out by Sean Lugo and background mural by Lunar New Year, MataRuda, and Nanook.  By the time I left towards the end of the night many pieces had a red dot in the lower right corner but there are still art works left.  See the bottom of the post for more information to get one....

17 Frost Gallery is located at yes, 17 Frost in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.   Look here to contact the space and for more info to visit: @17frostgallery & @sean9lugo.