Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summertime-Summertime! Graffiti Hall Of Fame 2013 Weekend - Way To Celebrate!

The Graffiti Hall Of Fame was the place to be last weekend for the 2013 series that brought some of the best local and international graffiti writers and street artists.  The two day event organized by James Top (James Top Productions and Graffiti TV) featured veteran (and new), writers who painted the walls from sun up to sun down showcasing their mega talents as you'll see below.  Everyone from legendary photographer Martha Cooper, "Wild Style" Director Charlie Ahern and Fun Galley founder (1982) Patti Astor showed up to take in the art and support the painters.  There were MC and dance contests, body painting, and constant activities -- and tons of black books being signed by the best.
Big thanks to the sponsors: Hush Tours, Frank 151, Hall of GraFX, Graffiti NYC TV & James Top Productions.  2013 Graffiti NYC TV Awards were also given out to winners: Dr. Kevin Harris, Stephen Malbon, Ralph Mc Daniels.  Writers featured below include Pose, Chemis, Fhock, AK47, Slave, Topaz, Jerms, Lady K Fever, Scratch, Flite, Sho, End, King Bees Crew, Urban Warriors Crew, Jesus Saves, Tomb, Wizard and many more (who may not be mentioned due to later entry.)
Have a look below at just a sample of the mega weekend....

.Graffiti Hall of Fame organizer James Top signing...
Main mega-mural in progress by legend Pose and Chemis (from Czek Republic), see it evolve throughout the blog...
One of the first writers, Cornbread
Artist Shauna Figueroa and Fun Gallery founder (1982), Patti Astor
Organizer Scratch with Patti, Scratch painted this one for sponsor Hush Tours
Wall by Topaz (below), Jerms & Lady K Fever
Martha Cooper and the graffiti gang!
Martha Cooper & Charlie Ahern
Wall - Topaz, Jerms & Lady K Fever
UW Crew
UW Crew above, Jesus Saves below
Graffiti legend Pose begins work on the mega front mural...
King Bees
Visit the Graffiti Hall Of Fame's outside walls at 106 & Park Avenue and for more information.