Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Art/Fashion Mix Fix: Haring & Warhol For Uniqlo & "Splashed" at Anthropologie!

Art / fashion mix fix:  I love paint splashed on almost anything.  I enjoy doing myself and being an artists I better do it myself.   Or, I could (but won't)  pay $440 for the one below from Anthropologie,  It's very well done but it's a heavy, heavy, heavy denim which you do not need to use, anything will do.  Purchase this below OR buy your own supplies and coat for a small fraction of the cost here.  I love to see the ever growing mix art and fashion have on each other, this is just one tiny piece I've seen recently.  Whether it's a big designer/ artist collaboration (Tim Walker's art influence, etc., (posts later this week), expensive names like Lisa Perry / Jeff Koons, or more affordable known retailers and mashing up each, I'm always interested.   These, and the chair again are from Anthro, below see the photos from the Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, etc. colab from Uniqlo, They are the best with the affordable art fashion collaborations. (Note: the photos are not great as the stores strongly dislike photo taking, therefore, we sneak the cell pics!)    
I love this but it's over $900, really??  Give me a chair, I'll do it for $100!
Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat clothing at UNIQLO for all ages.  The series is still going and will continue for the net month or two.  A view from outside looking in the Fifth Avenue (& 52nd St.) location...
Men's, women's, kids, they covered it all, word is more designs will hit the store shelves in May.  And yes, sadly, this was all I could snap without getting in trouble in the store.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brighten Your Day! More From The Kenny Scharf "Kolors" Exhibit - Because It's That Great!

Recently, I did a large post on Kenny Scharf's latest exhibit "Kolors" at Paul Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea. The event was completely packed with hundreds of fans therefore shooting the art work was not easy.  I went back recently to get a much better look (as many people did), and below is what I saw clearly without the massive crowds.  (Of course, I have to again, throw in my signed Scharf photos that I took from his mural on Bowery/Delancy, and my signed Kiehl's box top.)
First, pick up the latest issue of Juxtapoz Magazine featureing Scharf's awesome image on the cover, I'm rushing to the newstand today.  Here's the Scharf images in clear view!
Scharf and fans...
You have until May 4, 2013 to see this vibrant, beyond incredibale show!  A catalog/book of the show signed by Scharf and posters are also available at the PK Shop, next door to the gallery.  (Yes, I bought that book also.)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Patricia Field, Chanel & Bergdorf's, Hello Spring Windows - Stylish Art/Fashion Mix!

Extreme fashion windows - first stop, Patricia Field ( on Bowery.  I've found my most favorite accessories here that are works of art receiving endless compliments.  If you can't find something to shout about in here, something is wrong!  Stop by to see the windows and pick up your gem today too.
Now uptown to Bergdorf's where it's all about the art--and the "art/fashion mix" fix...

Chanel's spring mix at Bloomingdale's and on 57th Street...
April showers bring Chanel flowers.  
I'll be taking more of these lovely photos at the Chanel boutique next in Soho. On the hunt for more spring art/fashion windows....happy spring, almost...maybe?!