Saturday, June 30, 2012

STREET ARTISTS UNITE! Four Decades of Photo Bombing at Dorian Grey Gallery - It's Hot Out, But This Show Is Hotter!

Newsflash! Update to this post:  Dorian Grey Gallery will be hosting an afternoon street art event on Tuesday, July 3, 2012, around 1 p.m. with Army Of One & Hank O'Neal!  The duo will be engaging in a live art/painting performance where you'll be able to see them work up close! The gallery is located at 437 E. 9th in the E.Village (Bet. 1st Ave. & Ave. A.) Don't miss this intimate summer afternoon event friends!

One of the best street art gallery shows took place this past Wednesday night as the Dorian Grey Gallery presented STREET ARTISTS UNITE! Photo Bombing Four Decades of Street Art Photography by Hank O'Neal (aka XCIA.)    (Fashion people: think Bill Cunningham.)  
It was an event I was told about months ago, anxiously awaiting, and it did not disappoint. It was packed wall to wall, hot, really hot, and beyond exciting!  The event featured the works of twelve street artists that were selected to "bomb" over sized photographs taken by O'Neal (aka XCIA) as the show coincides with the release of the app and Artist Edition of XCIA's Street Art Project (by O'Neal.)  

Army Of One, AVONE, Billy the Artist, Cope2, CRASH, ENX, Fumero (you'll see him also photographing below), Kid Lew, Screwtape, SEE ONE and TMNK all graced the walls with truly crazy, iconic pieces. In addition to the bombed photographs, eash artis presented an accompanying solo piece. 
Famous New York images include a Richard Hambleton/Jean-Michel Basquiat collab from 1982; Hambleton's "Shadowmen" series from the early 1980's; and a unique look at Lady GaGa, and of course, Madonna and Andy Warhol mixed in the artwork, you'll see below...

I would love this in my living room....
If you ever ride the 7 Train this is a familiar site of 5Points (near Court Square)
The man himself, Hank O'Neal
Lots of Army of One here, (in the gray shirt), amazing to meet the masters!
Save The Children by TMNK
Skull Face On Shadow Man by Hank O'Neal & RWK
Hank O'Neal and SEEone colab
Hank O'Neal & Army Of One
Work by Carl Paoli, aka Screwtape
TMNK bombing a very happy fan's vest....we agreed, it was like Xmas for her!
The finsihed product....and thats the book to the right that she is clutching
TMNK signing another....
Army Of One (left), below Fumero in blue and Army Of One's signature to a fan....
Fumero and a fan with the new book, and a peice of "one of a kind" art that comes with the book bought at the gallery.
Dogs appreciate street art too.
Artists and friends, hat & accessories designer Jennifer Ouellette to the right (with the hat)...
Josh  from Siman Media Works, publishing company of the book and Fumero, Fumero colab below....

TCMK on the door, next door to the gallery
For more details on the art, prices, etc. contact Dorian Grey Gallery and visit TThe show which will hang until August 5, 2012 visit the gallery at 437 East 9th Street @ Avenue A in the East Village.  When you approach and walk the streets, if you are like me, you'll feel the early 80's vibe of Keith Haring, Madonna, Fab Five Freddy, Deb Harry and all the great congragating about.   You'll find a sense of history here you cannot miss!   
Second look; one of my favorites via Instagram

 Go today, they have air conditioning!  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ladies First This Weekend!

Ladies First and a touch of summer goth art/fashion mix.....
An event I am anxiously awaiting!  I'll be there on Friday, June 29, 2012 for the press event, then it's open to the public with a reception on June 30th (event thru Sept. 3, 2012.)  All the famous Ladies of graffiti will be there, remember I posted Danielle Mastrion's work recently of her famous Beastie Boys tribute in the E. Village/Soho area?  That's how great the work is sure to be! Full coverage on the event this weekend, but don't take my word, please go see it for yourself! 

The latest McQueen dress that resembles a painted skeleton under the dress, does anyoen else see that?  His, Burton's works, is flawless in every aspect, and if you have a few hundred left in your summer budget you can get it at
No one loves a goth like fashion-y cover more than I, this one is wonderful! I am a huge fan of Charlize Theron and can't wait to see her in this movie. (I'm NOT a Kristen Stewart fan and all and not sure who picked her out of Target or Walmart to be famous. Sorry, I just don't see it, never will.)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summers' Best! Welling Court Annual Street Art Mural Project - Back In Full Force In Astoria, Queens!

If you have a couple free hours and love street art from around the world, head out to Astoria, Queens pronto!  The The Welling Court Mural Project has once again brought many of the worlds best street artists to our little corner of the Astoria Community.  I live only five minutes away (walking), and didn't even know this was happening until right after.  I raced over with my camera(s) and photographed the walls ear to ear.  
Looks like Olke was here. "If you see something, say something!"

Organized by Ad Hoc's Alison and Garrison Buxton, the event has become an annual bash with over 60 international and local talents gracing the neighborhood blocks.  Residents and businesses let the artists use their walls and gates as stencils, spray paint and other mediums went up in hours. Classic graffiti to the latest street art - it's all here in a giant block by block collaboration and worth the 20 minute ride on the N or Q from the city. Do yourself a summer favor and see it all up close!  Afterwards, plan to stop at the Astor Cafe, - a community landmark.  
Now for the tour.....
I don't know all of the artists names, I apologise to the artists and readers but I'll do my best....
Russell King, love, love, love these!
KUKY from Spain
Caleb Neelson & Katie Yamasak
Stormie Mills from Australia
There are a lot of these in Queens.....
SHERYO from Singapore & The Yok(below)
Me too buddy... Cekis from Chile (above right)
I always love to see this one....
 Spaze Crafte
You know I love Andy on anything.....
Same street sign again with Olek.  Below, on to the next street.....
 Queen Andrea - "Becuase I Choose To Use My Full Potential"
John Fekner & Dan Leicht
SINNED (on the left)
FUMEROISM!  (above & his signature sticker below)
A patchwork style collection painted...brilliant to see it up close
SUBTEXTURE - "You Are What You See"
Why do I love this one so much?
 This is why NYC buildings are better than any other cities', above & below: ART!
Cekis fromChile
A neighborhood yard transformed....
Alice Mizrachi, right & Kuky, left    
Chris Stain & Billy Mode
 Michael Jackson by Brian Life & Donna Summer, by LIMNOP, brilliant.
Tribute, Father's Day Fire, this one is located across from the Astor Cafe
Visit Ad Hoc for more info here; and Welling Court, don't forget your camera!