Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Eat The Wolf" Opens With Brilliance In The East Village! A Must See, Don't Let Sandy Stop You!

Brad Greenwood's "eat the wolf" show at Lamama Gallery this past Thursday was a smash of well-fashioned art lovers, meaning it was packed, packed, packed with people gazing over his drawing/paintings of unique characteristics.  The gallery is located at 6 East 1st Ave. (between Bowery & 2nd), has a theater house house too around the block and boasts a huge, open, friendly space. This show is NOT to be missed, you have until November 11, 2012 - the drawings are sensational, amazing use of color and form, and of course subject matter!
Take a canoe through our streets or get out your extreme walking shoes (no transit, thanks Sandy!) You can also purchase the book too  (above), by Greenwood for $25 (that price I know) and have these amazing works in your collection forever.
The artist, (center)...
These were among my favorites...
Fashionable crowd, nice to see!
This is another favorite....strong pencil, use of color and very vibrant!
As I was shooting images Twitter and Instagram followers were eagerly asking about the work, "what's the medium? What are the price points?"  I didn't have the prices as the gallery only put out an informational page but you can contact them here; http://lamama.org/lagalleria/, or contact  the artist and learn more about his work at http://bradgreenwood.net/.  

Halloween Is Tomorrow, ART SKULLS Are For EVERYDAY!

More ART SKULLS today, these from German artist Markus Linnenbrink that are beyond amazing!  If you go to the art fairs or any shows in NYC you've probably seen his work either in thick photo paintings or sculptures of some sort, my favorites are the skulls, of course.  This dripping, candy-like paint looks good enough to eat!  Linnenbrink lives and works in Brooklyn and my hopes are to see him at more art fairs this fall.  Have a look....it's almost Halloween after all - like I need a reason! 
In his series, Skulls, Linnenbrink uses life-sized teaching skulls and paint to create artworks. The meaning behind these works? Well, that is mostly up for interpretation since his images tend to be shown without descriptions. But we might be able to turn to the colour-craziness of the rest of his works for a sign. They seem to be about experience, texture, and materials, but one thing is for sure, they look brilliant and refreshing (for any times of year.)
One of the photo-paintings...LOVE.

Visit his website at http://www.markuslinnenbrink.com and view his many series of form, color and brilliance!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Skull Style With Jannis Markpooulous, Part I Of Skull Art Series For Halloween Week! (Go Away Sandy - I Need Candy!)

Disney Skulls!?  Can you dig it?  It's almost Halloween, not that I need a reason to post art skulls, as I love them so very much. (Or as I always say, "well crafted skulls.")  (Yes, more fashion stuff on the way later too!) Sandy is allowing me to catch up on le blogging so feast your eyes on Jannis Markopoulous.  
These are oil on canvas from his Cartoon Skull Mask series.  (PS. I pulled these from either Lost at E Minor or Trendland, so they deserve the credit for his discovery.)

In words from the artist: "The mask is an object worn over or in front of the face of a skull to hide identity of it and by its own feature to establish a part of a cartoon being.  This essential characteristic of hiding and revealing personalities or moods is common to all masks. As cultural objects they have been used throughout the world in all periods and have been as varied in appearance as in their use and symbolism."  For more in depth info on his thoughts of this series visit www.markapoulous.de.  
For me, I just simply love them and get goosebumps at really intriguing skull-based art.  Who doesn't?
Some critic I am, a?

Visit www.markapoulous.de for much more.

"Purple" Rocking Brooklyn With Eleven Top Female Artists!

Causey Contemporary hosted a mega huge show last week entitled "Purple!"  Artists included OLEK, Gilf, Lady Pink, Queen Andrea and many more. 
Located at 97 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, the show runs thru November 18, 2012. The opening night party was a major hit as you can see below...

The show is made up of eleven female contemporary artists as they explore "purple" as a color, word and psychological context in a freestyle exhibit.  
This exhibition is produced by YOUNITY, an international collective of urban female visual artists, designers and craftswomen. The collective collaborates on creative projects, resource networks, mentoring of youth, community building, and the production of art exhibitions that promote women in the arts.
Queen Andrea's work (above two)
Lady Pink...
The artists!  (Above & below)
Visit http://www.causeycontemporary.com for more info and be sure to check this out before it ends!