Sunday, January 27, 2013

Everyone Is Unique! Street Art Style Portraits & A Street Art/Graffiti Styled Novel by Adam Mansbach!

You still have time to catch "Vis-a-vis" at Mighty Tanaka Gallery featuring Tony DePew, Toofly and Quelbeast, running thru February 8, 2013.  "Everyone is unique" and these artists take an in depth look into three different examples and interpretations through portrait work in Street Art.  Here are a few examples of their vibrant pallets and unorthodox styles....
Tony DePew (Above/Below)
Visit the gallery to get the full scope of these and more pieces by each artist at 111 Front Street, Suite 224, DUMBO (Brooklyn) and/or

Welcome to the greatest, American Graffiti novel!   Number one  New York Times author Adam Mansbach returns with a new, blockbuster novel of revenge, redemption and the wolds most beautiful crime.  (That would be graffiti!)   Mansbach presented a short reading from "Rage Is Back" at Powerhouse Arena/Books, also in DUMBO recently and spoke to us about his fourth triumph.  The first three were entitled "G The F+++" To Sleep," "The End Of The Jews" and "Angry Black White Boy."  
"Rage Is Back" mural
He has won numerous awards and have appeared in the New Yorker and New York Magazine.  Here are a few photos from the event of Mansbach and special graffiti pieces...and go buy the book! Visit for your copy, support them, it's an amazing venue!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Because. Bowie Is Back, As If He Never Left.

My love; Mr. David Bowie's new CD is on the way, I'm counting down the days until the first week in March 2013 upon its release.  If anyone out there has an extra copy of this V Magazine 2002, and wishes to sell, please contact me at  Just because I love him and must have it!  Please help!

Warm Up With Bushwick Street Art! Yeah, Yeah, It's 15 Degrees, We Know!

A few photos of the latest street art in Bushwick, (all located within a couple blocks of the Jefferson stop, L train) - not that you would want to walk around and sightsee in 15 degrees today, even for amazing street art.  I took these a few weeks ago when it was a sane temperature!  Enjoy....
My favorite depressed owl, Never.....
Danielle's work...

Icy & Sot

I love an art truck...ND'A
Joe Iurato
Shiro & The Yok
Nether's brilliance!  Above/ Below (& Matt Siren)

Robots WIll Kill, ChrisRWK, Veng (Above/Below)
Close up's.....
BAST (Above/Below)

Something bolted to a sign....nice.
More when it goes above freezing!