Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Traffic In Icons" & "Calligraphy!" Must See Shows NOW!

A couple must-see exhibits that I viewed recently on a crazy Chelsea gallery night, in a rush of course -- were  ZEVS "Traffic in Icons" show and "Calligraphy," at Leila Heller Gallery which I heard nothing but amazing things about. Everyone was right, and the trick was to go to that one during the day, after the opening so you could actually "see" the art.  ZEVS was not as packed opening night yet, so I could grab a few decent photos.
The first is Parisian (street) artist ZEVS, who usually is known for the dripping iconic logos.  His recent body of work at DeBuck Gallery, "Traffic..." will run through October 26, 2013.  I hear constantly that people like all the photos and just a short amount of text - but, since ZEVS two bodies of work are in such contrast I included a partial statement from the gallery, so you have an idea of the transformation and where it came from.  Visit the gallery's site at  http://www.debuckgallery.com to learn more....

 "The giants of art history self-evidently serve as a starting point for Zevs’ newest series of “Illuminated” Old Master works, as reiterations of famous paintings by artists such as Titian and Goya are layered with the artist’s unique treatment. Here, Zevs specifically plays upon the myth of Danae, in which the god Zeus came to princess Danae in the form of a golden shower, impregnating her and thereby siring the hero Perseus. In focusing upon the deeds of his namesake, Zevs the artist takes on the role of god in relation not only to Danae herself but also to the original paintings and their creators, altering the viewer’s perception of the Old Masters nearly as drastically as Zeus’ actions affected the life of Danae. In the process, Zevs “illuminates” the Old Masters with his own form of branding. His trademark liquidations of currency symbols and the eye of the CBS logo ornament the voluptuous nudes who have represented Danae across past centuries. Even the intervention itself has a historical background, as Zevs has cited a 1985 attack on Rembrandt’s portrayal of Danae, which left the canvas with dripping areas of paint, in a way reminiscent of his own work, as part of his inspiration for the series."

On to an exhibit that also needs no words, yet its all about words; "Calligraphy" at Leila Heller Gallery, http://www.leilahellergallery.com, this one runs through October 5, 2012.
First, into the LaRoc room....
Jean-Michael Basquiat doodle of Keith Haring
Keith Haring
Keith Haring & LA2
Keith Haring (above & below, subway drawings series)
Jean-Michael Basquiat
Tee Bee
Keith Haring above / La2 (Angel Ortiz) below
Nilels "show" Meulman
Kenny Scharf
Jean Dubuffett
Nir Hod
Two above; Ayad Alkadhi
ZEVS exhibit at DeBuck Gallery is located at 545 West 23rd St. http://www.debuckgallery.com &
Leila Heller Gallery is located at 568 West 25th St., http://www.leilahellergallery.com