Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bringing The Streets Inside: Quin Hotel Launches Fall Exhibition with French Street Artist SP38

It may be unusual for a luxury hotel in midtown Manhattan to embrace the creative inspiration of international street artists, but the Quin is not a typical luxury hotel. Instead, this quintessential New York property has quickly built a reputation for compelling art programming that boldly complements its refined ambiance. The Quin recently launched it's fall exhibition with an artist salon featuring acclaimed French street artist SP38 making his New York City debut. 

SP38 will feature his iconic text-based works, artfully deconstructing the 20-foot walls of the hotel, as well as providing a special presentation of his work in the field on the video art wall. SP38 is a French street artist, painter, and performer who has been based in Berlin for the past 20 years. He papers the walls of his city, and many others across the globe, with what he calls “urban poetry.”

“ESCAPE,” “OCCUPY,” “MADE IN DREAM,” “SLAVES,” “VIVE LA CRISE,” “VIVE LA BOURGEOISIE,” “NO PROPAGANDA,” “I DON’T WANT TO BE U’RE FRIEND ON FACE-BOOK,” amongst others, are woven into the urban landscape. The freshly printed aspect of his posters echoes the subjects of slogans that are right of-the-moment.

For more info on the artist, the hotel or the arts program visit: @sp38 on Instagram and http://www.theQuinhotel.com

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Legendary Graffiti Artist FUTURA Paints The Bowery - Houston Mega Wall in NYC!

It was an amazing three days at the Bowery/Houston wall in Soho, NYC last weekend watching the legendary art and graffiti master FUTURA as he graced the giant, block long wall maintained by Goldman Properties. (The wall was first painted by Keith Haring in 1982.) The crowds assembled heavier as the days went on bringing out almost everyone from "back in the day" to newly established artists looking forward to seeing him work in action. 
He is primarily known as a graffiti artist, beginning on trains in the early 70's and progressed throughout the New York art scene with Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf in the 80's. Futura is also famous for his work as a graphic designer and illustrator of record sleeves, first becoming involved with The Clash; producing a sleeve for their "This IS Radio Clash" 7" single and handwriting the sleeve notes and lyrics sheet for their album Combat Rock.
During the 1990s he was involved with clothing companies such as GFS, Subware and Project Dragon. More recently much of Futura's artwork has evolved into the production of highly collectible toys, sneakers; and a diverse range of creative media, working with Recon, Nike, The North FaceMedicom Toy, Undercover, Supreme.
He recently complete a wall at NuArt Festival in Norway and earlier this summer at the Coney Island Art Walls in Brooklyn, NY along with many international gallery shows throughout the season. Being out there daily, I can say that he is one of the nicest, most humble artists today, graciously singing anything fans would bring from canvases and black books to clothing, sneakers, photos and anything else he was asked. A true gentleman!
With Martha Cooper and Josh Geyer
With Marite Iglesias from Goldman Properties / Wynwood Walls 
With Jaime Rojos from Brooklyn Street Art and photographers Martha Cooper, Clayton Peters and Joe Russo

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The WEIRD CREW Paint a Block Long Mural in Brooklyn, NYC

A few finished shots and in progress photos from the Weird Crew who visited Bushwick, Brooklyn (NYC) very recently. The Crew (five of them visiting included Dxtr, Cone, HRVB, Vidam and Look), from Germany painted a mega, block long, tribute to New York that took over five days to complete in scorching heat and humidity. It was worth all of their efforts as this special piece is attracting visitors from all over the area with rave reviews. The undertaking was organized by Italian art curator Zoe at Exit Room NY, located at 240 Meserole St. around the block, where they also held a stellar show of canvas paintings and drawings during their visit. Below you’ll see the finished in a few detailed shots followed by a few in progress shots. 
Enjoy the WEIRD NYC!

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