Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bringing The Streets Inside: Quin Hotel Launches Fall Exhibition with French Street Artist SP38

It may be unusual for a luxury hotel in midtown Manhattan to embrace the creative inspiration of international street artists, but the Quin is not a typical luxury hotel. Instead, this quintessential New York property has quickly built a reputation for compelling art programming that boldly complements its refined ambiance. The Quin recently launched it's fall exhibition with an artist salon featuring acclaimed French street artist SP38 making his New York City debut. 

SP38 will feature his iconic text-based works, artfully deconstructing the 20-foot walls of the hotel, as well as providing a special presentation of his work in the field on the video art wall. SP38 is a French street artist, painter, and performer who has been based in Berlin for the past 20 years. He papers the walls of his city, and many others across the globe, with what he calls “urban poetry.”

“ESCAPE,” “OCCUPY,” “MADE IN DREAM,” “SLAVES,” “VIVE LA CRISE,” “VIVE LA BOURGEOISIE,” “NO PROPAGANDA,” “I DON’T WANT TO BE U’RE FRIEND ON FACE-BOOK,” amongst others, are woven into the urban landscape. The freshly printed aspect of his posters echoes the subjects of slogans that are right of-the-moment.

For more info on the artist, the hotel or the arts program visit: @sp38 on Instagram and http://www.theQuinhotel.com