Saturday, November 29, 2014

Art/Fashion Mix: Donald "Draw"Bertson & Luxury Jewelry Designer Kara Ross Collaborate!

"This suburban dad is Instagrams' Andy Warhol" - quote from NY Post last April.  At that time art-star and creative director of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Donald Robertson, had 24k followers, currently he now has over 106k (and growing daily.)  He continuously posts sketches, drawing, photos of his new twins, art activities and much more whimsical fun.  His popularity is consistently on the rise with gallery exhibits, packed pop-up events, collaborations and a Smashbox Cosmetic art car about to drive up to Miami / Art Basel 2014.  Here we feature his colab with luxury jewelry and accessories designer -- and gemologist Kara Ross,
I recently did a post on his work via Eric Firestone Gallery ( where you can read more about him, like how this father of five with new twins awakes at 4 a.m. to begin his art session is his basement before heading to work in Manhattan.
In this collaboration Robertson and well known luxury designer, Ross pair to create a limited edition collection of handbags that doubles as wearable art.  The bags are made in several materials including python, leather, and wax-coated canvas and are available in a broad range of prices beginning around $395 and up into the thousands.   Each bag is one-of-a-kind and is hand painted and signed by Donald.  Kara launched the collection earlier this week at her location at 655 Madison Avenue, simultaneously with the unveiling of the store’s holiday windows, a whimsical 3-D collage of Donald’s art and Kara’s handbags and jewelry.   Have a look at the display, the art and the live, in-store creating....
Kara Ross and Donald Robertson
Kara Ross

For more information visit Donald on his Instagram at @donalddrawbertson and for Kara Ross (to view the bags or purchase), look here:  
See the bags at her boutique, 655 Madison/60th St., NYC.  Heading to Art Basel Miami Beach? Be sure to keep your eyes open for the Smashbox Art Car!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Graffiti Writers Painting Trains at PIQ Grand Central With All City Style!

A few photos here from the unique retailer PIQ located at 8 Grand Central Terminal (shuttle passage) last weekend as graffiti writers decorated 20-inch long trains from All City Styles  The event "The Grand Slam" was also presented by Bigshot Toy Works as trains were painted by a list of New York City's top legendary graffiti artists, many who also painted the trains back in the day. 
Many of the trains are for sale and still available, you can get more info here on the artists and price of your favorite piece.  Want to paint your own train? Go to the All City Style website (above) and order yours.  You will also see images of writers/artists from all over the world who have painted on these detailed pieces.

Graffiti writers signing, tagging and decorating black books...

About: The All City Style train is a DIY platform representing one of the most iconic (and controversial) canvases for street artists and writers worldwide: the NYC subway train. Created by Klim Kozinevich, and produced by Bigshot Toyworks, the All City Style trains were tremendously popular upon their introduction in 2004. Supported by multiple art shows in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Moscow, Melbourne, and more, the All City Style trains were embraced by the street art, fine art, and designer toy communities.

The exhibit will run throughout December 2014, stop by and see the artistry and graffiti history!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ron English Brings "Evolutionary Alternatives" To Tribeca Grand Hotel!

Quick photo blog of Ron English's mega exhibit entitled   "Evolutionary Alternatives" last week at the Tribeca Grand Hotel lobby (2 Avenue of the Americas/Sixth Ave.), curated by Natalie Kates and Lori Zimmer.  Have a look at the art and installations which will be on display through the end of the year.

Visit Ron's website here: and on Instagram here: @ronenglishart & @team_popaganda