Saturday, September 5, 2015

The WEIRD CREW Paint a Block Long Mural in Brooklyn, NYC

A few finished shots and in progress photos from the Weird Crew who visited Bushwick, Brooklyn (NYC) very recently. The Crew (five of them visiting included Dxtr, Cone, HRVB, Vidam and Look), from Germany painted a mega, block long, tribute to New York that took over five days to complete in scorching heat and humidity. It was worth all of their efforts as this special piece is attracting visitors from all over the area with rave reviews. The undertaking was organized by Italian art curator Zoe at Exit Room NY, located at 240 Meserole St. around the block, where they also held a stellar show of canvas paintings and drawings during their visit. Below you’ll see the finished in a few detailed shots followed by a few in progress shots. 
Enjoy the WEIRD NYC!

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