Thursday, August 13, 2015

New York Times Photo Walk in the Bronx - Catching The Classics!

Photo Blog: New York Times Bronx Art Walk:  It was a beautiful Saturday morning last weekend when I joined a select group of photographers for a special art walk through Hunts Point area of the Bronx to explore legendary murals and graffiti pieces.  The event was organized by Times Social Photo Editor, Kerri MacDonald (@kermac) and led by David Gonzalez (@104bx) photographer and co-editor of the New York Times photoblog "Lens." 
It was especially wonderful to meet other photographers you have admired and meet new photo friends as we talked and trekked from the Whitlock station winding throughout Hunts Point visiting a number of legendary pieces and a few new ones.  
Have a look and see friends Martha Cooper (@marthacoopergram), Lois Stavsky (@Streetartnyc) and Crash (@crashone) and many more. See #NYTBronxWalk hash tags on Instagram here to explore the tour for yourself!
Martha Cooper (far left) and David Gonzalez 
Classic How & Nosm
The Mural Kings; Tats Cru classic mural and Martha Cooper original photo (above)
Crash with Kerri MacDonald
Bronx neighbors...
Mega mural including How & Nosm, Tats Cru, Katch and many more (above/below)
Kerry MacDonals and Whitney Richardson from The Times
Mark Bode
Ces, a favorite...
Queen Andrea
Dasic Fernandez
Over to Tats Cru at Hunts Point for live painting on the legendary train...
Thanks New York Times and David Gonzalez for the wonderful walk!  Follow the gang (Instagrams above) and keep up on the the city's happenings!