Thursday, August 6, 2015

Photo Blog: Secret Spot in Bushwick; THE YARD!

Here is a rarely seen space called "The Yard" locked away in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  It is a private space, not open to the public so I was more than honored to get in for at least one set of artists painting.   The Yard has a Wynwood / Miami vibe fore sure, especially as it was 93 degrees, sunny, humid,  and with a vast parking lot space covered in graff and street art. 
Much has been completed and I believe more will continue to go up this summer.  The pieces are a stellar combination of both outdoor styles from New York's best and those visiting us from abroad.  
Have a look....

Some of the artists invited to paint are Shiro, YesOne, Chris RWK, Zesoner, Just, Rok (Baltimore), Skape (Germany), King Bee, Giz, Phetus, Reme, Col, Epic Uno, Chino, Persue1, Mason Eve and many more....
Mason Eve
Skape / Germany, below Persue1 in progress on the roof...
Stay tuned for more from The Yard, hoping I get a chance to get back in soon!