Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Eat The Wolf" Opens With Brilliance In The East Village! A Must See, Don't Let Sandy Stop You!

Brad Greenwood's "eat the wolf" show at Lamama Gallery this past Thursday was a smash of well-fashioned art lovers, meaning it was packed, packed, packed with people gazing over his drawing/paintings of unique characteristics.  The gallery is located at 6 East 1st Ave. (between Bowery & 2nd), has a theater house house too around the block and boasts a huge, open, friendly space. This show is NOT to be missed, you have until November 11, 2012 - the drawings are sensational, amazing use of color and form, and of course subject matter!
Take a canoe through our streets or get out your extreme walking shoes (no transit, thanks Sandy!) You can also purchase the book too  (above), by Greenwood for $25 (that price I know) and have these amazing works in your collection forever.
The artist, (center)...
These were among my favorites...
Fashionable crowd, nice to see!
This is another favorite....strong pencil, use of color and very vibrant!
As I was shooting images Twitter and Instagram followers were eagerly asking about the work, "what's the medium? What are the price points?"  I didn't have the prices as the gallery only put out an informational page but you can contact them here; http://lamama.org/lagalleria/, or contact  the artist and learn more about his work at http://bradgreenwood.net/.