Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ladies First This Weekend!

Ladies First and a touch of summer goth art/fashion mix.....
An event I am anxiously awaiting!  I'll be there on Friday, June 29, 2012 for the press event, then it's open to the public with a reception on June 30th (event thru Sept. 3, 2012.)  All the famous Ladies of graffiti will be there, remember I posted Danielle Mastrion's work recently of her famous Beastie Boys tribute in the E. Village/Soho area?  That's how great the work is sure to be! Full coverage on the event this weekend, but don't take my word, please go see it for yourself! 

The latest McQueen dress that resembles a painted skeleton under the dress, does anyoen else see that?  His, Burton's works, is flawless in every aspect, and if you have a few hundred left in your summer budget you can get it at www.net-a-porter.com.
No one loves a goth like fashion-y cover more than I, this one is wonderful! I am a huge fan of Charlize Theron and can't wait to see her in this movie. (I'm NOT a Kristen Stewart fan and all and not sure who picked her out of Target or Walmart to be famous. Sorry, I just don't see it, never will.)