Friday, March 16, 2012

Anthro Rock Center ALL About The Arts! Yes, I'm in heaven....

All of these were taken with the instagram app, however I had to shoot with the real-real camera too. Anthro's windows never disappoint, especially the flagship at Rockefeller Center! I hyperventilated when I saw these, as all I live for is art and fashion, right? You know that. So...running into these was the heavenly.  My blog has been on hold for a bit while moving, but I'm back and below you'll see a few of the latest and greatest art & fashion mix events. A couple while in Atlanta, but going forward most all will be New York City.  I have literally hundreds to go thru from the Armory, more recent fashionable windows and the art / fashion mix on the streets. All on the way, stay tuned!!

Oh, visit, better yet for a detailed look at Leslie Oschmann for Swarm's new art / fashion mix bags. They are truly art on a handbag...a really nice, well crafted handbag!  And see  While you're at it, visit my new site too - always mixing art & fashion at