Saturday, March 24, 2012

My NEW Favorite Designer; MSGM - True Works Of Art!


Nothing much makes me more happy than clothes, except clothes that look like art.  Being said, ever since I received this blog posting on, I have been swooning over these beyond artful pieces by MSGM, as is my close blogger friend  I want every single piece, love every look and now have to think of ways to make my wardrobe looks like this.  Mainly as it's an Italian designer, and I know the pieces are very expensive.  Don't they look it! It's like a colorful Chanel / Mary Katrantzou print mix, yes, I'm dying. 

It's been difficult to find much more info on the designer, but I know you can at least buy pieces here: and I'm sure Barney's etc, I'll be checking into that....if not just to go touch them.  Sad, but true.   Not I need to get painting, how inspiring is this!?  Swoon away people, swoon away too.