Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art & Fashion Mix at the DIFFA Dining By Design Table.....See McQ, Farrah, Liz and Andy Mingle!

My favorite setting! Shock.

Well, these were my favorites too, Warhol with the paints and McQ skulls, love, love, love.

Liz taylor and Farrah...I bet Whitney would have been there too if it weren't so close after her death to prepare.


More faves, and the McQ skull, what can I say.
So what's going on here you ask? Is it art? Is it fashion? Yes and yes!  The other weekend I attended the Dining by Design Gala dinner in support of DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) at Pier 94, (part of the huge Architectural Design event.)  I was there at the end, and while all the tables blew my mind, the main thing I obsessed on was the "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" theme table from the New York Design Center.  (There are just a few photos above.)  They are nothing but a work of art and most place settings at this table were of fashion or art royalty, read on, you'll get it soon.
Each place setting has one thing in common, - they are no longer living.  Set in a  glamorous haunted mansion, the designers' tablescapes represent a different personality from the past, challenging their 18 dinner guests to GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER."
The table was styled by Alexa Stevenson in conjunction with DIFFA's Dining by Design.  Many interior designers each chose a "guest" to form this amazing table.  It was a dark setting so I couldn't get the best shots of the entire thing, no one could really.  A photo wouldn't do justice.   
Who was at the table? My favorite setting of course; Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Andy Warhol, also Emilio Pucci, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Cleopatra, Steve Jobs, Farrah Fawcett (hense the red work out bra thing over the chair), and Elvis.  There was even a spot for Freddie Mercury (tried to shoot that for my dad), Cleopatra, Tin Tin, yes the dog and Dali.   All art and fashion related that was a spectacle and stopped the flow of traffic for sure.
As for the actual guests, they included NYDC CEO and president Jim Druckman, Elle Decor editor in chief Michael Boodro, Traditional Homepublisher Beth Brenner, decorators, designers, publicists, DIFFA reps, shelter magazine editors, design-world bloggers, socialites, celebrity industry folk such as Jonathan Adler.
An event not to miss next year people!