Sunday, June 3, 2012

Elegance, Glamour & True Fashion; The Advanced Style Book Signing Finally Arrives!

Now I know what, or whom I want to be when I age - one of these women!  Nothing here but true, chic elegance & glamour.  An event I had been waiting for, for a very long time finally arrived last night.  The Advanced Style book release and signing was finally here as Ari Seth Cohen and dozens of stylish ladies in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s+ packed The National Arts Club in Gramercy Park for an evening of endless style.

Ah, my book being signed, been waiting for this!
I have been following Ari’s blog for close to two years when I discovered it. Inspired by his grandmother, Ari Seth Cohen started a blog dedicated to her and stylish older women, as was she. The blog become so big that it’s turned into a book and next we hope a film documentary. (He has a Kickstarter Project and I have a feeling the goal needed will be raised soon.) I’m backing him!
Ari has been touring Europe with the book signing but I was thrilled he did another event open to the public here. He and many of his documented ladies live throughout New York City.
Here is a look at the event and some of the style that just gets better with age….See more here, Advanced Style, and get the book here, Advanced Style: The Book .

Christina Viera, jewelry designer (left) & adorable friend!
Rita Ellis
Jean (in black dress and her cool jewels below), & friend Valerie (right, red hat.)
Jean and Valerie are the IF's; 
the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas!
They too have a book out called "Life Dressing" that I can't wait to get. Blogging since 2009, please also visit their site:
Jean's jewels!
Marc Jacobs dedicated his last collection to chic mature women, citing inspiration from Advanced Style and matronly fashion legends such as Gloria Vanderbilt, Cindy Sherman, and Anna Piaggi. Meanwhile, 90-year-old Iris Apfel has built a global empire in the past year with a line of cosmetics for MAC, a collection of jewelry for HSN and Alexis Bittar, and now, a line of eyewear for Eyebobs.
Tome and many others, there is a true need for an elegant grownup to anchor true fashion and style. There are hundreds, yes, hundreds of “look at me in my cute 20 year old outfit” blog. Don’t get me started. Only so many of us are 20, nor do we want to look 20. With age comes wisdom and a chic elegance that needs to be embraced. The success of Advanced Style may well be a testament to a hunger for grownups. The blog offers a romanticized view of the overlooked men and women who cover the streets of New York, and unfortunately sometimes the street style photographers miss them. These are the older New Yorkers for whom style is a daily adventure; for whom a trip to the grocery store or going out for lunch with friends is better than any runway. As Linda, who is also featured in the book, puts it: “When you are younger, you dress for other people. When you are older, you dress for yourself.”

Lynn Dell, (visit her at Off Broadway Boutique, on 72nd bet. Columbus & B'way) "Dress for the theater of your life"!
Pat, also from Off Broadway Boutique....
HelenUffner of Helen Uffner Vintage Clothing in L.I.C., wardrobe & accessories for film & theater. When she told me she did wardrobe from Diane Keaton's Annie Hall, I almost fell off my chair!
Linda (in red) featured in the book and David Zyla, EMMY Award-winning Costume Designer & Author of "Color Your  Style: How to Wear Your True Colors" ( & friends

Jane Heather Devine Fold, marionette artist!
Yep, of course they are in the book!
Ari begins a talk about the book and shows a couple clips from the soon to be documentary film. It's amazing, back it! (See Kickstarter link below)
Christina showing me amazing-unique, acrylic her cuff bracelet that I drooled over all night, I'm ordering one.....
My book being signed...
Pat, Lynn Dell Cohen & Dianne Bernhard, President of the National Arts Club. 
Friends, it’s the greatest, most inspirational, enjoyable read/look book you can get. The photos are fun and beautiful, as are all of these ladies whom I met in person and signed my book. I could write ten posts on this! For the real deal follow Ari Seth Cohen at the links above and keep tabs on his events on Twitter @AriSethCohen and back the film! The Kickstarter is
And, visit the businesses above to add extra chic to your closet.  I want to be one of these exciting women when I "grow up!"  Cheers Ari!  Cheers Ladies!