Friday, June 22, 2012

Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer. Or, Paint A Picture. Portrait of a Generation at The Hole Gallery Shows How It's Done!

You have until August 10, 2012 to see the fabulous Portrait of a Generation show at The Hole Gallery, (312 Bowery, Soho/LES), but why wait? This show features over 100 of today's hottest, contemporary New York artists who make up the art scene in this fine city.  Each has made a portrait of another to give image to this community of people. The works are hung salon style throughout this huge gallery, so plan to spend a little time. You won't be disappointed. The best of the best (artists in the city and beyond), are here, friends!

My favorites were Jeanette Hayes' painting of Fab Five Freddy, (above) and his of her. And of course, the works by Kembra Pfahler, Alex Prager, Yoko Ono, Maripol, Wes Lang, Sharon Needles...oh the list goes on, I can't pick. But you get the idea. To see all of these killer artists in one setting is a treat. They are also producing a catalogue for the exhibition that will serve as a "yearbook" for New York City 2012.  
Fab Five Freddy by Jeanette Hayes, above. Jeanette Hayes by Fab Five Freddy, below, see how this works?  This one is brilliant, you must see the glittery gemstones in person embellishing this piece...

Kembra Pfhler by Kenny Scharf and below, he, by her...
Vanessa Prager by Alex Prager
Rene Ricard by Maripol, a NYC ICON
Collage portrait of Sharon Needles
ThreeAsFour By Yoko Ono, below Yoko Ono by ThreeAsFour..
 I love painting on the BACK of a canvas! Why did I not think of this??

There is so much more to see, this is just a glance.  I'm going back again this week to shoot even more photos! Once again The Hole Gallery is located at 312 Bowery, (Soho/LES), and check out the gallery/store next door.