Thursday, September 13, 2012

Highlights from Mercedes Benz FASHION WEEK On A Wednesday Afternoon - Oh Wait! Joan Rivers!

A few highlights from yesterday afternoon at Fashion Week....  The main highlight was seeing Joan Rivers, as always.  Her and extreme fashion blogger, Man Repeller had a conversation for Joan's "Fashion Police" show, --and a few more famous faces you may/may not recognize.  Many I didn't. I was told they were reality stars and since I loathe reality TV for the most part, I was clueless.  (Unfortunately, I don't buy into "please take my pic-look at my cute outfit-it's all about me" thing either.)  I just shot a few quick pics of what I was interested in.  Have a look...
The fabulous Joan Rivers, the highlight of my day!  Her and daughter Melissa (not seen in photo), walked a block to their limo, of course the crowds gathered to snap tons of photos.  Realty stars have NOTHING on this legend. Below her interview (on her show Fashion Police), with Man Repeller, Leandra Medine....
Now married, Man Repeller - and her shoes!
Speaking of "Fashion Police" - this needs to be a reality as there was a lot of fashion crimes walking around. A-lot.
Designer and amigo, Fontana with that awesome Chanel-esque cap I cannot wait to own! He's one to watch friends!
"Miss" Jay from yesteryear of ANTM. Is that even still on??
Ah finally, something truly interesting and conceptual art related!
Someone famous, I guess, a reality star...the crowd gathered. Forgive me but I was clueless.
A bit to J.Crew-ish for me but she looked stunning, and it was NOT J.Crew. Thankfully.