Friday, March 22, 2013

Fashion + Art + Sex + Disco + The 70's + Fashion Illustration = Legendary ANTONIO LOPEZ!

Recently, I attended a lecture/book signing at the Fashion Institute of Technology of Roger and Mauricio Pahilha who authored Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex, and Disco.  I missed them last fall at the Brooklyn Museum so this was a definite "must-go-to" event to learn more about the legendary fashion illustrator.  Also, legendary model Pat Cleveland was on the panel, a big surprise!
Antonio Lopez (1943-1987) was best known for his dazzling illustrations in Women's Wear Daily, Vogue, the New York Times and for many high fashion labels.  "The young 20 year olds' at F.I.T., Parsons, etc. need to know who this legend is!"  The brothers exclaimed vividly.  He was the major force in the fashion world for three decades with his vibrant, edgy illustrations and made stars and famous models of out girls he saw on the street and launched modeling careers of Jerry Hall, Grace Jones and Jessica Lange.  He worked with Karl Lagerfeld, YSL, Normal Kamali and Anna Sui.  He documented the 1970's disco nightlife in New York City like no one else and with partner Juan Ramos illustrated a book of portraits called "Antonio's Girls" in 1982, "Antonio's People" and "Instamatics," (see them all on  Have a look at the event and travel back to the 70's with me.  Buy the giant book if you, like I, love art, fashion, disco and the 70's!

Grace Jones & Jerry Hall
The Panel, Pat Clevand in red
The authors
On the right,"Advanced Style" ladies
My signed book by the legends
Some of the popular illustrations...
Visit to get your copy, a must have!

On the way, another 70's fashion legend; Steven Burrows "When Fashion Danced" exhibit at the  Museum of the City of New York:
I'll be heading to this soon, running March 22, 2013 - August 2013.