Friday, March 15, 2013

James & Karla Murray & Clic Gallery Present New York Nights! You Need This Book!

During the midst of the art fairs last week, one event I was particularly looking forward to was James and Karla Murray's exhibit /book signing at Clic Gallery of "New York Nights."  I purchased this book the day it came out a few months ago, (and for friends out of town) and couldn't wait to attend this event.   The photo exhibit runs through April 4, 2013 and is not to be missed!  Luckily I arrived very early to snap a few photos and talk with Karla and James, and met Hudson, their adorable new dog.   Listening to Karla speak on the porcess and didication of making the book was espcailly a treat, now I love it even more. 
James and Karla Murray are professional photographers and authors living in the East Village in New York City and have two critically acclaimed books - first, above New York Night and Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York.  They also have published a few other outstanding books entitled Broken Windows, Burning New York and Miami Graffiti and have set the standard for urban documentation.   Their work has been exhibited in a large list of New York City and world-wide galleries and museums, bringing New York, and their unique style to the world. (A long list of these can be found on their website listed below.) 
With new pup, Hudson and below Karla wears a Trash & Vaudeville T, and a photo of the storefront...
Dogs love art too, especially Hudson and this little black teddy bear dog, priceless.
Not owning this book would be criminal, get yours today!
& see the huge photographs at Clic Gallery at 255 Centre St. in Soho/Nolita and/or available on