Thursday, March 21, 2013

Skulls, Abstract Portraits & A Fashion Mix; "A Few Of My Favorite Things" - Re-Cap From VOLTA Art Fair!

A few last photos from VOLTA Art Fair, located at a new venue at 82 Mercer Street...  As I walked the first floor with an (actual critic), I was not overly blown away, until I stepped up to the second floor.  I feel some of the best exhibits oddly were upstairs but I'm sure there was no rhyme or reason to it.  (It was all amazing work I should say, my "favorites" just happened to be above.)   I discovered a ton of new artists and galleries that were definitely worth shooting, here they are.... (*Note; by this point I was rushing around to get to everything and have all the info of these artists but its not displayed, if you need it, just email me.)

Thread in art.  Love the trend, but it's not really "new," I just hope it continues...

Artist Eva Lake (above)

Skulls in art, always incredible to see...
That's all folks - from the art fairs this year, now back to the galleries and new art / fashion mixes up next!