Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brilliant KOLOR, Brilliant Everything! Kenny Scharf's Latest Exhibit at Paul Kasmin Gallery Will Make You Smile!

Last Thursday was a busy night, first the Street Art Auction preview party and Doyle New York (more on that next) and the show I've been awaiting for many months; Kenny Scharf "Kolors" at Paul Kasmin Gallery.  The event took place at the 515 West 27th Street location next to PK SHOP where you could then purchase all kinds of Scharf pieces to take home.  (You'll see one below.)  The gallery was beyond packed as expected with everyone trying to take a photo of Kenny, myself included.  Smart me, I brought along a few of the photos I had taken of Sharf's mural on Bowery/Delancy and the box top from the Kiehl's collaboration this past fall.  He signed them all for me, making my night, week, month and so on.   If you missed it you have until May 4, 2013 to catch the larger than life exhibit.  Below is what you will see minus the hefty crowds from opening night and more info about the show and his work. 

The paintings are inspired by Color Field masterworks with vibrant atmospheres composed of a variety of shapes, dimensions and details. There are three never-before-seen sculptures that represent his cosmic paintings and nostalgic imagery.  One entitled "Squirtz" was on display at the Standard Hotel, High Line but now are is at the gallery. After the show it will return to the Standard for everyone to see. (You can purchase an event poster and catalogue at the PK SHOP or the Standard.)
"Red Scary Guy"
"Squirtz" also can be seen again at the Standard, High Line after the show ends in early May 2013.
My signed piece! Ok, let's move on...
Kenny Scharf
Scharf's use of acrylic and airbrush-like oil paint pulls together the influence of street culture mixed with contemporary art that he basically established long ago.  If you are familiar with his work you'll recognize the themes of the cosmic world of outer space and the future and the ever presence of nature. The sculptures are giagantic with  freezing ex[ressive cartoon-like faces in threes dimensional forms, again, larger than life. 
Meet Totemotiki.  He climbs twelve feet to the ceiling, stacking faces that interconnect and rotate.  The essence is of human emotion, and well, how can you now smile when looking at these gems?  You must see them in person, all three of them!
Signing my box while an admirer watches, bet she wishes she had a box top too!  (No, that's not me.)
One of the best saved for last located all the way on the back wall.  Look close, the details will astound you.
More "Squirtz"
This signed poster is available the PK SHOP
And, another one signed, it's different than the first above!
More more info visit http://www.paulkasmingallery.com
and http://kennyscharf.com, make sure you see this brilliant spectacle by May 4, 2013!