Thursday, April 18, 2013

Street Art On The Inside! "Urbane Decay" Exhibit At Tria Gallery!

"Urban living takes it's toll on the human spirit."  A quote from Tria Gallery as they presented the exhibit "Urbane Decay" earlier this month.  And, yes, it kind of does.  Living in the greatest (busiest, craziest, most competitive), city in the world can be draining, but then when I walk five feet and see an amazing piece of street art on a door, or a pole, a mailbox,  or...a corner of a building - all complaining abruptly stops.  As the gallery describes, the six artists in the show have all grappled with the grittiness and realities of city living and have found ways through their artistic endeavors  to make the experience more livable and urbane.   Below you'll see a large scale graffiti installation, a painting of a flower trying to break throughout the city concrete and a touch of a large scale portrait ensemble of strangers trying to connect to each other and the world around them.
You'll need to go to the gallery to get the full scope of the mega art installation (if you haven't already), as my main feature is geared toward ChrisRWK & Herb Veng Smith of Robots Will Kill, - (I'm a big fan!)  They have been in existence since 2001 and I continuously look forward to seeing their work around the city. Each artist here (listed below) are brilliant and lucky for you, the exhibit runs through June 8, 2013.  Details on the gallery are below.
Take a break from the city -- in the gallery!
Tria Gallery is located at  531 W25th Street in Chelsea, visit and