Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bowie Is At Rag & Bone. Are You?

Who doesn't love a David Bowie mural in NYC?  Who doesn't love David Bowie?  He should be on walls all over New York, period.  Here is info coverage from ( on the mural by Erik den Breejen.  He finished the blue, red and pink, 10x13-foot mural portrait of David Bowie (commissioned by R&B) earlier Wednesday.  The piece is based on a live photo from the 1978 World Tour and the image is composed of approximately 900 words from the Bowie songs Fashion and "Heroes".
"Here are photos of artist Erik Den Breejun’s recently completed “Fashion Heroes Bowie” mural at Rag & Bone in New York City.  The artwork was commissioned by the clothing company for the exterior of its Nolita “boutique” jeans store, at the southeast corner of Houston and Elizabeth streets. Earlier in the week we published photos of the the artwork when it was a work in progress. The completed work is a stunning portrait of rock legend David Bowie and composited of hundreds of words from the lyrics to the British musician’s song “Heroes” and “Fashion.” Incidentally, Bowie himself had lived for years in an otherwise unassuming-looking luxury apartment literally down the block and around the corner on Spring Street, he may still have the apartment and be staying there.)"
Get out there and see this piece everyone. Here are a few sample photos from the site, mine will be up in a day or so, and you know the details I'll will have, meanwhile...