Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Hyper Americanism" Explored; Two Top Shows To See In Chelsea!

It was another busy Thursday night in Chelsea last week, (and everynight last week all over the city), thus finally we see a few of the highlighted artists and galleries.  First, "Critial Condition" at Jim Kempner Fine Art features four artistss curated by Robert Attanasio where "being blunt is the new subtlety."  gilf!, Bob Seng, Adam Taye and Robert Attanasio present their works that bring to light the artifices threathening to overtake us, encouraged by media constalny and complacently simply swallow what we are fed.  This exhibit runs through July 13, 2013.  Have a look...
gilf! (above/below) 
Works by all four artists above
Bob Seng
Adam Taye
Over to ArtNowNY Gallery for "One In A Million" by Peter Gronquist.  This exhibit highlights Gronquist's brand of satirical, often fantastiaca; and always georgeous sculptures as well as a colection of paintings.  The Portaland based artist has shown in the most prominent galleries in L.A., San Francisco and New York and was recenlty names one of the top 15 new artists to collect by Business Insider.
Similar to the above artists, Gronquist also explores the "hyper American" culture. Designer labels, outrageous bling, and rampant consumption, he also uses guns to relate this "hyper Americanism" work as a double edge; part empowering, part destructive.  You can learn more about him and his work at
Peter Gronquist
Let's not forget the awesome mixes from Roxy Summers...
One of my favorites...
This must see show runs through July 6, 2013.  For more info visit, Jim Kempner Fine Art at 501 - W23rd St. & ArtNow NY Gallery at 548 - W28th,