Monday, July 15, 2013

DETENTION! Pop Up Graffiti Show & More From L.E.S. This Past Week...

School is out and these artists didn't pay attention in class - they drew pictures instead on canvases and on the walls.  A Dying Breed presented DETENTION at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center at 109 Suffolk St., LES, this past weekend....
See One
Some of the participants are our favorite (local and international) graffiti and street artists; Icy & Sot, Cern, Pun 18, Sen 2, Zimer, See One, Rimx, Chris RWK, Veng RWK, Bishop 203, ND'A, Dice The God, DisSatisfied and Fibs. 

Icy & Sot
Sen One above & below with Bishop 203
Chris RWK & Jesus, Bishop 203 & See One's art in background
Zimer, all above & below
N'DA & Icy & Sot

Icy & Sot

Chris RWK with his & Veng RWK's artwork
Chris RWK

Veng RWK

Mural above; A Dying Breed collage/colab

Sidestep:  While walking to the train I stopped by White Rabbit to see the art from a Hurricane Sandy benefit, (up for only one week approx.)  I believe it's ending this Tuesday as the next exhibit begins Wednesday night, July 17, 2013.  Here are a few photos of more favorite street artists and photographers from the benefit :

It's even better walking later in the evening when the stores close and the shutters are down.  Found a couple Kenny Scharf pieces I hadn't seen before, always love to find these in when I least expect it!