Monday, July 1, 2013

Great For The Wallet & Your Walls: Affordably Fun Art Fair A Big Hit In Bushwick!

There's nothing better to a fanatical art collector than work you can afford and this past weekend I found just that.  The Affordably Fun Art Fair took place at the Schoolhouse on Ellery Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn, presenting over 40 artists who were selling works for $150 or less.  I arrived early and a few pieces that I wanted were already sold, a good thing for the group.  There was a nice range of work from our favorite painters and street artists such as Billy Mode, Vexta, OCMC, Russell King, gilf!, Robots Will Kill, Tony Depew and many more.  The first piece below is the one I bought from Russell King.  Have a look....
Russell King
A City of Children
A photo I took while getting back on the train...
I hope there is another one of these shows very soon!