Thursday, August 1, 2013

James Top Tribute Show For Nova Guttierrez Brings Out Local & Intl' Graffiti Masters!

James Top Productions hosted a true, old style graffiti event last week in Harlem paying tribute to Nova Guttierrez  who is recovering from a medical condition, in which he and the entire group below wish her a speedy recovery.  The event took place at Astor Row Cafe in Harlem, 404 Lenox Ave. where the art is still hanging for a bit longer.  James organized this event to show gratitude to Guttierrez for giving him and the graffiti community an opportunity to have art exhibits at her space, Azucarera Gallery, when no one else would.  Big thanks from James also go out to the artists in Graffiti 2013: Duro, Part, Slave, Scratch, Nea, Fever, Topaz, AK47, Jude Kashman, Jerms, Amanda Lewis, Yohei koinuma, Slone, Tony 164, Shrio, Reph & GaryCe Wallace of  More thanks to Aleesa, Olin, The Lee Family, Ata Papa & Judy Kashman.
Have a look at the event below....
AK47 from Brazil (now a NY'er!)
Graffiti artist IVORY
Carolina & husband Ak47, friend & Scratch
Judy Kashman, James Top & friends
Ivory & Obe1 from Australia
Shiro from Japan
Stop by and see the art at 404 Lenox Avenue (between 130th & 131st St.) and visit for more events this summer!