Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mexico CIty Artist SMITHE Paints 200 Ft. Mural at Bushwick Art Park!

It's been a busy summer for street art in Brooklyn, each week - or each day,  there are local and international artists painting some of the best and most detailed art ever.  A couple weeks ago Mexico City artist Smithe painted a massive, highly detailed 200 foot long mural in Bushwick at 1053 Flushing Avenue.  The organizers at All City Canvas sponsored this (Global Series 2013), on the wall of Factory Fresh who develops and curates satellite shows in NYC and around the world.  The wall outside Factory Fresh is considered one of the best current graffiti spots in NYC and gets painted over and over again by many great artists like JR, Jim Avignon, Jon Burgerman, Chris Stain, Billy Mode, Pat Voke, Veng, Jaques Frague, and Yakita Fields. 

I was able to catch SMITHE and Nychos, (who are collaborating a bit together), working on the walls at the beginning of the week, then days later until we saw the  finished product, which took almost two weeks to complete. Here's a few photos of this enormous mega, wall and a couple quick shots from the party area the final evening.
The first few days (in bright sun)....
The final evening with all the details are finished!