Monday, November 25, 2013

Step Inside The Pop Superstar World Of Marco Santaniello!

Last week I happened to come across the world of Marco Santaniello as I waited for a different gallery show to begin.   I was previously unfamiliar, but how could this be!?  I saw the colorful Andy Warhol sunflower series postcard and knew I must see more.  As I entered the brightly colored Tazza Gallery gallery with all the pop icons I have worshipped throughout the years, I knew I was in the right place was was thankful to have met Santaniello, whom, like myself seem to live on our own planet, per say.    
He describes himself as an international Pop artist and a fashion superstar.   For "Nice to Meet You" the artist has created a series of graphic designs exploring themes including celebrity, politics, religion and his beloved New York City. The exhibition is divided in three bodies of works- portraits, NYC scenes and daily life (with satirical content).    As described in the gallery's press release; "Marco's portraits capture the celebrity of his subjects with ease. They are colorful and glamorous renditions of already iconic faces presented against a rainbow-like mosaic of his design. Each subject is presented as a recognizable image, as it has registered in the public consciousness, but without sacrificing the essence and the humanity behind the celebrity."
He is inspired by the fast paced scenes of NYC and his love of the city.  He roams the streets looking for that particular corner or street that in the middle of an ordinary, yet  energized day waiting to capture the beauty in routine chaos, pop style - which I love.  
The show's third body of work presents what the artist calls his "satirical content." In these works the artist explores and exposes his views on religion, art, politics, society, fashion and so much more. They are presented through the lens of irony and some times criticism; they point out the absurdity and superficiality of fanaticism, consumerism and other maladies of modern life.  Have a look at the show and make sure you catch this one closing on December 5, 2013.
My favorite, Bowie / Ziggy Stardust - yes, this drew me in immediately!
Andy Warhol
Keith Haring
Karl Largerfeld
Kate Moss & Terry RIchardson
Tazza Gallery is located at 547 W. 27th, #533 in Chelsea, visit &  & and step inside his superstar world!