Saturday, December 14, 2013

Art Basel Interruption For Today - STIK Hits Dorian Grey Gallery!

UK artist STIK hit the East Village's Dorian Grey Gallery this past week with "Liberty Project," a stellar and almost sold out show. It was bitter cold outside and STIK continuously brought out warm apple cider to the many waiting in line (how many artists ever do that?) before he began painting live. It's obvious he really appreciates his fans!
The show will run through December 31, 2013 and the gallery is located at 437 E. 9th St. between Ave. A & 1st Ave. You'll see this at the corner:
Here's a bit of press about his NYC show from Dorian Grey and head over soon to grab a piece of STIK's work, if any is still available: Following successful shows in London and Tokyo, December 12th 2013 sees London street artist STIK’s New York debut showcase at the Dorian Grey Gallery. This exhibition will feature the study works from a 50 foot high mural sited on East 9th Street at Avenue A, adjacent to Tompkins Square Park, across the street from the gallery. Created by once-homeless British street artist STIK on the corner of Avenue A and East 9th Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, this deceptively simple stick figure raises one arm in a gesture of solidarity to the artists, activists and outsiders who occupied Tompkins Square over the years.
The gallery exhibition is a showcase of the vibrant preparatory works that went into creating the mural. Canvas work, drawings, printed material and sculptural work in copper and granite bring depth to this site specific and visually arresting exhibition. 
The gallery will exclusively host STIK’s long awaited print release, ‘Liberty,’ and as well as the launch of the political journal, ‘The Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary 2014’, featuring STIK’s cover art.
You know you're in the right place when the first song is by Ms. Grace Jones...
STIK with fellow artist LA Roc
Live painting....
Visit for more information.
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