Sunday, February 2, 2014

Event Alert! "Outdoor Gallery" Release Is Almost Here!

February 22, 2014 marks the day a new book will be released that many of us in the New York City street art and graffiti scene have been awaiting.  Yoav Litvin's "Outdoor Gallery," featuring 46 of the city's most prolific artists will launch at 17 Frost Street in Brooklyn with a reception from 6-11 p.m. Whether you're a die-hard street art fan or just beginning to admire all of the outdoor art offered in the city, this book and event, curated by Litvin and Royce Bannon, is for you.
Litvin, an urban explorer and photographer based in New York City has been avidly photographing the street art and  graffiti of our streets allowing the artwork to exist beyond its habitat.  He has compiled an extensive group of photographs and artists interviews to document a unique look at NYC's streets, alleys, cracks and crevices.  He has been aspiring to do this type of book for a while and now the thoughts have become reality.

The book began to evolve as he continuously met a wide range of artists like Icy & Sot, Gaia, Cope2, Joe Iurato, Indie184, Alice Mizrachi, Hellbent and bunnyM, (just to name a few), who inspired him to document what they are doing and giving us a little insight into their specific worlds in the concrete jungle.  The event will also feature three collaborative murals and films by DEGA Films. 
(Cope2 & Alice Mizrachi)
This is a must for anyone interested in the artists you see each day on the street of New York and for our national and international friends fascinated specifically with "our NYC street art and graffiti scene."   
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