Sunday, March 2, 2014

Graffiti & Mural Legends TATS CRU Exhibit Legendary Show in the East Village

An exhibit I've been awaiting for most of this long winter took place this past Friday night in the East Village; legendary Bronx-based graffiti artists, TATS CRU presented a stellar show entitled "Blood, Sweat & Tears."  Over the past two decades, TATS CRU have become some of the most sought after graffiti artists (turned professional muralists), with clients ranging from musicians to major corporations.  
The Cru, officially made up of Bio, BG183, Nicer and How & Nosm, was founded by Brim, Bio, BG183 and Nicer.  Most of the Cru began in the early 80's during the NYC subway graffiti movement and now thirty years later are considered to be the top stylists and letter masters worldwide.  
They have created artwork for Missy Elliott, Metallica, Big Pun, Jennifer Lopez Nikki Minaj and many more to producing advertisements for major corporations such as Coca Cola and Sony with no sign of slowing down.  (Graf note: If you live up in or visit the Bronx you can find heavily painted murals of friend and deceased rapper Big Pun and are solely responsible for the Big Pun memorial wall. 
Another big NYC graffiti attraction and widely respected mural wall by the guys is located on Second Ave./lower east side which they re-painted this past fall.  It draws big crowds and a great deal of continued respect, you can see that piece from start to finish in an upcoming post.

Have a look at their exhibit and all of the the fellow-legends that attended...
Collab piece by all three above, (photo here: Bio & Nicer)

Works from BG183 below...
BG183 & fellow artist Zimad

BIO signing and his work below...

A few stellar works by Nicer....
Aged superheros - classic!

The Cru with Martha Cooper, looking at another camera, but still!  (BG183, Cooper, Nicer & Bio)
Ricky Powell and legend Lee Quinones join the Cru below...

Lee & John "Crash" Matos 

And, this guy! Photographer Ricky Powell
Artist Cern & Lee
The show will run for only the next week as is located at 91 Second Ave. (between 5th & 6th, under Toy Tokyo.)   For exact info and viewing visit their site, send them an email or a quick Instagram (below.)  
This past summer Tats Cru was also featured on New York 1 and continue to have a strong community and media presence. See it here: (

For a serious schooling in the history of graffiti, modern day murals and lettering visit their site here  Follow each member on Instagram @bg183tatscru, @biotatscru and @nicertatscru to see the latest works and more up to the minute creations.