Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NYC Art Fair Coverage 2014 - Day One: Volta & The Armory, Special Feature on Pose!

It's New York City art fair week/weekend and I couldn't be happier.  Let's being with a little tour of Volta and The Armory.  (Next days Scope and Fountain, and many gallery shows.) I attend the Armory's preview night before most fairs began, those few photos are at the bottom of the post.   

We begin with VOLTA, always stellar fair in which each gallery represents only one artist.  My favorite gallery at the show and favorite artist is Jonathan Levine Gallery featuring Pose.  Pose came into town from Chicago last week and also painted a brand new wall at 188 Lafayette Street in lower Manhattan.  It lights up the street and our dreary winter days nicely!
The JLG booth at VOLTA was the place to see all new works by the artists that includes a large portrait of a woman accompanied by still life paintings of her possessions. 

Pose's work is comprised of layers of hand painted collage with a process involving dissecting various visual elements and reassembling the slices to form a synthesis of shapes, forms and textures.  He draws inspiration directly from his environment and the work references disparate sources — pop and comic art, sign painting and graffiti, skateboard and advertising graphics.
Have a look at his exhibit at Volta...
Pose is a member of The Seventh Letter, an acclaimed West Coast artist collective and Mad Society Kings (MSK), a world-renowned graffiti crew and has painted murals all over the world.  Stay tuned for more from Pose this year!
Pose was nice enough to sign a few things for me!
Do you remember last year's extremely detailed, brilliantly colorful mural wall at Houston/Bowery collaboration with fellow artist REVOK?  It was beyond spectacular and probably one of the walls finest throughout history, (and no one tagged over it, that says a lot.)   We are happy to see him back in NYC with new work and another stellar exhibit at the booth. Contact the gallery to purchase prints as well, the color and style is top notch as Pose takes great pride in color mixing on the originals, then represented into the prints.   

More favorites....
Dawn Black's amazing works from Cynthia Reeves Gallery from Hanover, NH
How I wish all selfies could be!

Incredible dogs and cats in black by Michael Cains, Mulherin Gallery, NYC & Toronto
Some new Stikki Peaches, WhatIsAdam and RaeBk on the streets too!

A few favorites at the Armory...
Portions of Ryan McGinness pieces...
Tomorrow over to Scope, stay tuned for what you may have missed!