Monday, April 7, 2014

Art/ Fashion Mix Alert: UNIQLO & The MOMA Put POP ART On Your Back!

A new art/fashion mix is upon us or spring and its huge.  Uniqlo has produced perhaps on of their biggest, most stellar clothing collections featuring modern art.  Now selling at the Japanese fast fashion retailer, or should I say "excellent quality fast fashion retailer," are 200 T-shirt, polo shirts, bandannas, rain jackets and tote bags all inspired by iconic pop artists. The collection includes Andy Warhol, Keith Haring,  Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat as well as newer artists such as Ryan McGinness, Jack Pierson and Sarah Morris. 
As part of Uniqlo's SPRZ NY collection, the merchandise collection is in collaboration with the MOMA, items are also sold at the museums store.  The items featured include graffiti, graphics design and street photography, all keeping in track with NYC's cultural DNA where many of these artists first began.   It also meets Uniqlo's global ethos "making art available to the masses." This line definitely will reach and intrigue those who are familiar with iconic pop art but don't know a great deal about it.

And let's talk about the affordable prices.  The collection ranges form $4.90 to $49.90.  For example; the Andy Warhol Soup Can Tote is $19.90 and the (Haring and Warhol), rain parka is the most expensive at $49.90 but is also water/rain durable.  The least expensive items are the bandannas and boxer shorts ranging from $5.90-$12.90. The average T-shirt price will only set you back $19.90.  Yes, I went a little crazy.  With this art/fashion mix at these prices it was hard not to.
Uniqlo is taking over.  They are NO H&M or Zara thank God (as their clothes actually fit, ash well and last), and in a special league all of their own.  They do not fall apart even though they have such an affordable price point.   Unlike shopping at the other fast fashion giants you will not regret one signal item purchased here and will probably go back for more.   The best part is that the staff assured me the items will be around for at least a couple of months and will be restocked regularly.   I found the best selection with the most helpful staff at the Fifth Ave./53rd St. location.

Have a look and get your art/fashion mix on for summer....

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