Monday, May 12, 2014

Favorite ART/FASHION Mix! Downtown Bradley Theodore Exhibits at Uptown Kent & Curwen!

One of my favorite artists Bradley Theodore, has been decorating the Soho streets for a while now with a variety of fashion icons, the most popular being "Anna & Karl" on Kenmare Street - and is hitting it big!  I was not familiar with the artist until I began seeing his pieces on the doors and walls last year, now I'm a big fan.  Perhaps it's his unique, raw, colorful style of his skulls or the fashion icons, honestly it's both.  I always love to see how artists interpret the "icons of fashion" and await the next from Bradley.  And, of course a well crafted skull is right up my alley.  He also paints a variety of pop culture icons and recently portrayed a piece of British royalty, you'll see that below.

Bradley Theodore has received a ton of recognition daily from everyone such as the passerby's to models to those working in the fashion industry who've come to see what the fuss is about.   (They leave with many photos!)

Last week U.K. based Kent & Curwen, a fairly new posh men clothing store on the upper east side, held a reception for him with a handful of his latest pieces.  Happily, we saw a Karl and Anna placed next to each other as well at Kate Moss and the Queen and Michael Jackson.  

Have a look at the art and the event....
Bradley Theodore with Kate Moss
For more info visit, on Instagram to see all of his latest @bradleytheodore and  Kent and Curwen is located at 816 Madison Avenue / 68th Street, NYC.