Monday, September 15, 2014

Nick Cave, Fahamu Pecou & More Hot On The Chelsea Gallery Trail !

QUICK LOOK:  Below are a few of my favorite Chelsea gallery shows attended recently and running for the next few weeks.  My picks include Fahamu Pecou, Gary Panter and Nick Cave (a spectacle which I love), and Frederic Deprun.   

Note: My MOST favorite is at Driscoll Babcock Galleries featuring portraits of model-muse, albino African American male, Shaun Ross by Jerome Lagarrigune entitled "Visible Man."  To me, it's an amazing "art/fashion" mix (he's a "super" model, close enough) and deserves it's own separate post, a definite a must see.  Jose Parla also coming up!

Not a lot of words here just photos - see the gallery website for exhibit and artist info....

Who & What: Fahamu Pecou - "The Pursuit of Happiness" 
Where: Michael Lyons Wier Gallery,  542 West 24th St. 
Until When: Running through October 4, 2014 

Who & What: Gary Panter - "Dream Town"
Where: Fredericks & Freiser, 536 West 24th St.  
Until When:  Running through September 27, 2014 

Who & What:  Nick Cave - "Made by Whites for Whites"
Where: Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 West 20th St.
Until When:  Running through October 11, 2014 

Who & What: Frederic Deprun (Part of their Summer Collective group show) 
Where: BDG Gallery, 535 West 25th St.
Until When:  Running through September 27, 2014
Info: /
Enjoy the exhibits!