Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Tools of the Trade" by Damien Mitchell Debuts at Low Brow Artique - All the Graffiti & Street Artist Needs Is Here!

Last week I had the great opportunity to watch a new wall go up outside of Low Brow Artique in Brooklyn by native Australian artist Damien Mitchell.  This wall coincides with his solo exhibit at the gallery properly entitled "Tools of the Trade," focusing on all of the tools graffiti writers and street artists needs to get the job done.  We start outside with the simplicity of this giant cap going up and taking shape as I love the work in progress, then head inside to the exhibits opening night.  All of the pieces are done in black, white and grey tones which is especially nice.  The show will run through the end of March 2015 and is located at 143 Central Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn. 
Have a look at the work in progress and the stellar show...
Mitchell, Bishop, owner of Lowbrow and EAFO, Calgary artist visiting us, work in progress
The Dusty Rebel @dustyrebel getting those shots with me...
Damien Mitchell
Damien Mitchell with his exhibit
To learn more about the artist and see lots of additional works and huge, mega-walls, look here: 
http://www.damienmitchell.com and on Instagram at @damien_mitchell. Visit Low Brow Artique here: http://www.lowbrowartique.com.