Thursday, April 16, 2015

Photo Blog: Street Artist VOXX ROMANA Spreading the Einstein Image!

One of the street artists I have been following for a while and admire his work, wheat pastes and statements is Voxx Romana from Portland, Oregon.  Since 2007 he has been spreading the Einstein icon and the moniker "Voxx Romana" through the wheat pastes and stickers.  His images and name have become internationally recognized mainly due to the power of the images itself and of course, through the voice of social media.   
"Experimentation is the most important part of my art; both on the canvas and on the streets I am not limited in any of my tools or mediums. This allows me to always continue growing and evolving as an artist. Street art is important to me because I can speak with an image and have an impact that could promote thought or change, you could say that’s my mission, my voice, my inspiration. I hope to continue to working with different artists to promote activism and awareness of global problems through street art." 
-Voxx Romana

I received a nice box of treats from him recently, here's what was "Christmas in March" packed with original art and a bunch of stickers!
To see more on Voxx Romana look here on Instagram @voxxromana and here: