Monday, May 25, 2015

Photo Blog: Art Miami / Art New York Favorites!

Quick weekend photo blog/art fix of my favorite pieces from last weeks Art Miami/Art New York Fair held at Pier 92. Some of the artists are listed, a few are not as I didn't catch the name or wasn't listed prominently on the walls.  Have a look...
Keith Haring
Mr. Brainwash (above/below)
Damien Hirst (above/below)
Damien Hirst
Maripol (above/below)
Banksy (above/below)
Justin Bower
Damien Hirst
There were so many more but these I especially gravitated too.  Since I couldn't carry the weight of my camera (don't ask), this is all I could get on the cell decent, stay tuned for the next, later in the year!