Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Photoblog: Drug Filled Art! It's Ok Because It's Art Afterall From Ben Frost and Damien Hirst

Drug Photoblog:  It was a wonderful time around the Art Miami / Art New York Fair at the Pier and of course, I enjoyed a ton of art, (as mush as I could walk around to, most will be posted next.)   To hold you off a bit I have some drugs by Damien Hirst which were selling for about a million dollars, you don't need his info as I don't think anyone I know will be buying these.  Well, here's his instagram to follow along with his 45.6k followers, @damienhirst.
You DO need to know about Ben Frost and can see the majority of his work below from his solo exhibit "The End Of Innocence" at Krause Gallery, 149 Orchard Street, Lower East Side.  Many of the beautifully framed pieces are sold out as they were priced for what humans can afford.  
You can see them below and more on his sites here: http://benfrostisdead.com and on his Instagram @benfrostisdead.