Sunday, September 4, 2016

Photo Blog: The Graffiti Hall of Fame Returns!

Photo Blog:  Last weekend marked the 2016 Graffiti Hall of Fame event in Harlem, NYC located at 106th & Park Avenue.  Below are just a few shots of the many taken over two days featuring some of "old school graffitis" finest.  The event was organized by James Top Productions in what hopes to continue to next summer after a hiatus in 2015.  Stop by and catch it from the fences if you can due to a locked school yard.  

Pro176 from France, (above / below)

Poet, Jerms and Topaz (above below)

P-Funk (above / below)

Quik (Lyn Felton, above/below)

King Bee, Angel Garcia, Jus One, Mad1, and KerzNYC (still work in progress in these shots, above / below)

We hope the event happens again in 2017!