Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Graffiti Characters Galore! Premier feature - GOOP MASSTA!

One evening I was chatting with GOOP MASSTA about his green, graffiti styling character and how he needs to be more well known by those who pass him on the streets.  How all "graffiti characters" should be known by name by the passerbys.  
In Miami, L.A. and NYC, you see them daily on walls, adorning the top of buildings, on trains, in the corners, curbs, and now in the galleries.  I thought maybe more postings? But, that's so "generic," hmmm, what else? 
Then, quickly turned to a blog on Mr. green GOOP.  Wait, why not a blog featuring as many "graffiti characters" as possible?   Many are a solid, trademarked brand with walls and art galore, clothing lines, books, pins, stickers, gallery shows and much more. 
The idea came to light to feature these characters and the artists who create them telling as much of a story on each as they reveal to me; how they came to be and what makes them tick.  Thus, a "Graffiti Characters" blog segment was solidified fast and his royal,green badness GOOP is the first "character" up.  
You can expect to see more from many Miami artists as their characters are a very popular "brand" here. They're everywhere!  Coming up you'll also see a variety that also span the globe from New York to Barcelona to China. 
Let's start with the GOOP MASSTA brand shall we?  

Premier Feature: GOOP MASSTA

Where are you from originally?
I was created in New York, NY lived in Queens then soon after I was raised in the streets of Miami for over 25 years, so I would say I'm a tropical creature.

When did you first begin perusing art?

They say art is within all of us when we are born, I guess I took that route whoops, sorry Mo'Dukes.
What is your characters official name? How did your and your characters come to be?
Officially and originally "GOOP MASSTA."  I believe the heavens put this on my lap and for that I thank them...
2004/2005 goop was born in Long Island, NY – by mistake.

What do you want people to know about your art character?

To let loose, remember to have fun, to express , to create , to shine, to have a sense of humor, that it's OK to be yourself.

What makes him tick?
What'd you say!? Do I like them thick? Yeahhyuh!  (We might not find out what makes the Goop tick, just that he likes them thick - OK!)

You have him on all kinds of medium; dollar bills to handbags to giant walls and cookies!  Which is your favorite to paint on?
(Lean in) To tell you the truth , it’s not the surface that strikes me its the ability to make another one happen.

Who were your favorite or most influential graffiti artists? Or, who is your favorite or most influential artist(s) of all time?
Those before me, to name a few Alexone, Tom Otterness, Twister, Os Gemeos, KAWS, ESPO, you know that 90s era?

What do you want people to understand or take away from your character?
Hard work pays off, you can chase the American dream if you want it!

You collaborate with Angelonce often (Angry Pink Elephant below) – how did this come to be?There was an ad, In one of my favorite magazines "Nutts About Butts" and I seen this caption "ANGRY PINK" so we met up in San Francisco and magic happened, green and pink the duo began.

Tell us anything you’d like about your collab, future plans, walls together, anything else you’d like to add about your partnership?
I'm really into the contrast of the characters an angry elephant and an amphibious hip hop star, simple vs. over the top.  The future is strong be ready to see more of us!

What are your upcoming art plans and goals for 2017?
To be one step closer to world domination!

What music do you listen to while creating, if any?

Mostly instrumentals so that I'm influencing my own thoughts and stories, jazz, funk, hip hop and blues.  But love names like Howlin' Wolf, Bogo Rock, James Brown, Big L and Joe Cuba.

Where do you find inspiration?
I guess I'm a product of my environment...the rat race, maybe in my spaghetti. It's all around us, something bound to spark a idea...
GobsOne, Angelonce (feature coming soon) and GOOP MASSTA

Follow along and see more GOOP and what he's up to here: (Tell him I sent you!) / Instagram - @goopmassta.

If you want to know more about a particular character/face you've seen on the streets, email The Art Salon at for a segment. I'll get right on it!
Photos courtesy of GOOP and the last ones by myself.