Monday, April 3, 2017

F*** It & Be Set Free with Contemporary Artist Kelly Breeze at Primary!

Upon making the move to Miami last year, I wondered and worried "what if there is not much of a contemporary art scene besides the art fairs? What will I do?"  Quickly my fears were put to rest as I discovered the city boasts some of the best, thriving contemporary galleries in the country, one being PRIMARY located in the Miami Design District.  
An exhibit I was looking forward to was Florida born, Kelly Breez's “Fuck It Will Set You Free” which in a nutshell blew my art-mind.  Breeze is definitely "one to watch" for you collectors! 
The show is remarkable, it reminded me of something brilliant I would see at The Hole Gallery (NYC.)  I immediately felt at home (but much warmer and cleaner), seeing this eclectic body of work "with a visual aesthetic loosely compared to the likes of Raymond Pettibon or Margaret Kilgallen, Breez combines a California state of mind with her South Florida tropical upbringing," as described by the gallery. 100% spot on!
Artist Kelly Breez
Tropical person indeed, beach chairs adorned the giant gallery with resin covered paintings everywhere with a beachy, tropical theme on the walls.  “Fuck It Will Set You Free” began as a mantra, adopted by a core group of friends who collectively relocated to San Francisco, California. In early 2008, the group acquired a new (old) van and began the journey to the west coast. Over time, the mantra stuck, it became the motto for Breez’s California years, in turn, becoming her way of life."  -Primary.
Breez explains, “Fuck It Will Set You Free is a collection of works that represent my belief in artistic / personal liberation in the face of convention. The future is unknown, which leaves room for adventure and mystery. Calculated moves shut out possibilities, Fuck It is about affirming your power to do stuff people might not understand. It’s playful, it’s stubborn.”   To me, this is what we all need now, amen.
My favorite because I loathe selfies and that ridiculous stick!
Included in the exhibit, Breez develops an ongoing painting series of “How-to” books. Titles such as
“How to Spot a Cop Car from Two Miles Away Even in the Dark” & “How to Vandalize that Booty” give a glimpse into the calculated wit that is Kelly Breez.  So many favorites.  

Have a look at the exhibit here and catch it in person before it closes on April 8, 2017.
Wait, there's more, look forward to her series of illustrations for OBEY Clothing (founded by Shepard Fairey) launching summer of 2017.  Breez is also the recipient of the ProMax BDA Gold Medal for Outstanding Creative Direction and Design: SundanceTV.
PRIMARY located at 15 NE 39th St., Miami, in the Design District.  For more info and to keep up with Breez and the gallery, look here: / @kellybreez and / @primaryprojects.