Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ANDY WARHOL Featured At Uniqlo! Plus, GROUNDBREAKING. The Factory: A Fundraiser for FIGMENT!

It's all about Andy these days, is it ever not, really?  First, up: UNIQLO.  Here are just a few looks from the Andy Warhol Foundation at Uniqlo Fifth Avenue, this before I got told to NOT take photos, (yeah right.)  The Foundation has release a large bunch of images from his ulta-fab, pop art collection such as the soup cans, shoes, butterflies and a bunch of different graphics. So far I bought two but for only $19 a piece I will be buying more, especially since Uniqlo has a very nice quality for the price.  

My favorites bought thus far are entitled " Pop Art Is For Everyone" with yes, the banana and some silkscreens in the background, and an Andy with the skull, all black and white.  Again, I will be going back this week for a kelly green on bright blue nicely cut, "soup can" T next. You can find women's AND MEN'S t's in a huge variety of designs and styles.  The best part is that they were smart enough to do women's cuts so we don't look sloppy.  Nice.  Again, a perfect mix of art and fashion!

AND, if you love/loved, the Warhol and the 60's Factory scene, (or perhaps liek I you were to young to be there?), check out this event http://newyork.figmentproject.org/get-involved/groundbreaking/.  It's a fundraiser for Figment Project, on April 4th in Soho, from 6-10 p.m., entitled GROUNDBREAKING.  ALL Warhol tribute style complete with silent auction, food, DJ's, the works.  Will you be there?

Get your Warhol art / fashion mix at Uniqlo for only $19 a T, or at the FACTORY style fundraiser - or both!

Above: Andy & Basquiat, how I love the shots of them together.  Below: MY photograph of them from the MePa District as done by Mr. Brainwash in early 2010.  MBW has mad love and respect for Warhol and this wheatpaste was life size to honor their accomplishments.
 More photos from Uniqlo will be on the way soon, I'm sure another "Andy art/fashion" post won't hurt anyone!